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Children's Mental Health Week

Children's Mental Health Week 2021

What’s it all about? . . .  you   can watch this as a simple  introduction . . .


Key Ideas 


The 'Express Yourself' theme is about finding healthy ways to express ourselves creatively is one way of looking after our mental health.


  • ‘Express yourself’ is about finding creative ways to share feelings, thoughts, or ideas, through things like art, writing, music, dance and doing things that make you feel good and help our mental health, especially when we face tough situations or difficult times.
  • It is about finding a way to show how you are feeling which can help you feel good about yourself.
  • We are all different and will find different creative ways to express ourselves.
  • Finding healthy ways to express ourselves can make us feel good, happy, relaxed, excited and  contented especially in difficult times.

Some Creative Ideas to get started . .


Have a go at the one-minute Squiggle game by Place2Be’s Art Room team.

Watch the demo:


Have a go at this two-minute creative challenge  For this origami challenge, each child should have their own piece of paper. The challenge is to make a dog! Watch and follow these instructions:

There are lots of Origami ideas to be creative on-line

Watch this weeks assemblies using the links below

Why not try an expressive art project from Place2Be's Art Room?

I express myself through . . . . .

A set of videos children could watch based on what inspires them to express themselve choose from Art, writing, dance or acting.

Resources for Parents about talking to children about Mental Health