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In English this week we have been doing all about biographies. We chose any monarch we wanted to write about and researched key information about their lives. After we have got enough info we will write biographies about them and their lives. In maths  we are doing order of operations (AKA BIDMAS). BIDMAS stands for B=brackets I=indices D=division M=multiplication A=addition S=subtraction. For example 4x(6+3)=36.

In our DT lessons we have been focusing on afternoon tea. We researched on the ipads about Victorian and modern afternoon teas and started to design our own. For example, I (Imogen) wanted to do a millionaire shortbread for the cake. We also are going to research different recipes and create our own to bake. We are going to bake them after the half-term break.


Our new topic this term is W W 2. We made the basic outline of a Spitfire using wire, then we stuffed it with newspaper and mod-rocked it. Today, we are going to paint them like the original Spitfire design. Most of us worked in partners, however, some people had to work in threes. For example, I (Megan) worked with Imogen, who is also typing this blog. 

In our topic of W W 2 we have started looking at the events in 1939 and 1940. We are also focusing on the children that had been evacuated. We made our own name tags that said our city, name, school, date of birth, address and our tag number. We wrote diary entries where we were either evacuees or the parent of a child who was being evacuated. Before we wrote them, we used tea bags to tea-stain our paper to make it look old. This afternoon, we are going to focus more on the evacuees and maybe do some role play. 
Our new topic this term,W W 2, links to our English as we are looking at a book called 'Letters From The Lighthouse' which is a story that is set in W W 2. We did an extended write about what it would be like to be evacuated or to be the parent of a child who was being evacuated in the form a diary entry. We tea-stained our pages and I (Megan) did a diary entry as a little girl called Louise who was being evacuated with her little brother Bobbi who was five. A couple of days ago, we linked our topic of war to our topic of poems and wrote war poems as anyone to do with the war,e g: a soldier, a child, a woman who works in a factory.
In maths, we have been focusing on multiplying, adding, subtracting and dividing fractions. We looked at simplifying the answers to either mixed numbers, or simple fractions. When multiplying fractions you need to put your integer (a whole number) over 1. Then you multiply your numerator (the top number of the fraction) by the numerator of the other fraction and do the same with your denominator (the bottom number). If you can, simplify your answer. For division, put your integer over one then flip it around so the one is at the top. You then multiply the numerator by the numerator of the other number and the denominator by the other denominator to get your answer (simplify it if you can). For example, 3/4 multiplied by 2. 3/4 multiplied by 2/1 is 6/4 or 1 2/4 or 1 1/2.
Every Thursday, we do an extended write, we also have star writers. Star writers are, when every week, Mrs Evans chooses 2 people who have done an amazing piece of work in last weeks extended write or who have really improved. They get announced to the class before our big write however, nobody knows who it is. Mrs Evans types up a piece of their work to share to the class. They are allowed to choose a pencil each to keep forever.  
This week,we have found out that Frogs have been all over our school! We have predicted why it happened and then watched a video showing what truly went on. Our predictions were quite accurate and in fact almost exact. Points we hadn't predicted were issues such as the case of the lily-pads and where the frogspawn all over the school came from. The frogs have been stealing clothes from around Burscough and have been leaving lily-pads everywhere. We just want to warn you, if you have any washing outside on a Tuesday night around 8 PM, it is most likely that it will be stolen. Don't say we haven't warned you!!! 
In science we have been learning about evolution and inheritance. Evolution means when a species adapts to another biome/condition. Inheritance means when you get something from your parents. For example, your hair colour and your eye colour. We have filled in a sheet about things we have inherited. A few days ago we created our own animals and plants. For our plants we could choose from: a shrub, a tree or a small plant. For the animals we could choose from: a bird, a small mammal, a fish, a reptile, a large mammal, a marine mammal or an insect. 

In RE, we have been learning and discussing how Christians prepare for Christmas. Some of ideas included:

Lighting candles



Buying gifts for others

Putting up a Christmas tree

Christmas dinner


We created an advent calendar so when we opened it, it would reveal an act of kindness to do

In our maths today, we created a frog fraction board game. We worked in threes on or fours on our tables. We had to create a board for the game, a rule book and a set of instructions saying how to play our game. We collected all of the equipment we needed for our game including dice, timers and more. In the afternoon we completed them and then testing them by playing them. 
 On Tuesday Isaac brought his collection of WW2 replicas and artifacts. He had a replica rifle, 3 helmets, 2 caps, 4 boxes of medals, a real field radio, replica bullets and more. We enjoyed all of his collection and wish that we could see the rest. It was a great lesson and we had lots of fun trying on and using the equipment.
Yesterday today and tomorrow we have been suffering with tests such as reading, GPS, reasoning, spelling and arithmetic. Also we've got a reasoning 2 paper tomorrow. We enjoyed making Christmas cards for our buddies, governors and for our families. Today (Tuesday) we are learning about the Holocaust in history this  afternoon and what happened with Hitler and the Jews. We haven't yet finished the envelopes that we will put our message in to post to our buddies. 


In science we have been learning about about our hearts and blood. We learnt about the components of the blood; white and red blood cells, plasma platelets. White blood cells attack germs and helps to heal injuries. Red blood cells carry oxygen around the body and takes away carbon dioxide. Plasma holds everything together and makes sure that they are doing their jobs properly. Platelets stop you from bleeding when you get  a cut. We have been doing art lessons based on our science. We played around with different art materials to test which ones would make the best textures. Today we are going to carry on with this and start to create our blood cells.

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