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Anti-Bullying Week 2015

Last week was  national Anti-bullying week.  The main message to the children during the week was  ‘Make a Noise about Bullying’.  In Monday’s assembly the children were reminded about  the definition of bullying (Several Times On Purpose) and the message of ‘Its OK to tell!’, through  a child friendly story. 


Ethos Group Anti-bullyiing Activities


On Tuesday the school Ethos group (who are charged with modelling our school values) held Anti-bullying workshops in the hall which they delivered to each class. The four activities that the children completed were:


1. Making a friendship bracelet for a friend using an anti-bullying slogan.

2. The Super Hero Station! Children were encouraged to be a Lordsgate Super Hero by designing a cape with an anti-bullying messages on it

3. Bullying or Fall Out Quiz—children were shown through drama the difference between a fall out and bullying.

4. Role Play—Children were given bullying role play scenarios to act out and say what they would do about it


Mr Komurcu who worked with the ethos group was extremely impressed with the ethos group; their enthusiasm, commitment and creativity.  It was a very successful day.  


Cyberbullying Assembly


On Tuesday Mr Jaeger, our e-safety champion, held an assembly with the theme of Cyberbullying.  Through a child friendly story ‘Digi Ducks Big Decision’ Mr Jaeger explained what cyber bullying is and what the children should do if they experience it.  


Star Assembly Showcase


On Friday morning each class was given the opportunity to showcase something they had done in class during Anti-bullying week.  Mr Hackett was very impressed with the different ways the anti-bullying message was covered.

Reception—Sang a beautiful song called ‘we are a wonderful class’

Year 1 and Year 2 - Gave the message ‘Each of us are  unique but together we are complete’ through art work and posters

Year 3—Had been working on Anti-bullying role plays

Year 4—Sang a Rap they had learnt called ‘Stop Bullying’

Year 5—Had produced e-safety posters using the laptops and ipads

Year 6—Had produced a range of work including role play, posters and poetry.