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Antibullying Week: November 16th - November 21st 2020

The week began with children wearing ‘Odd Socks’ to get over the message ‘we are all different’ and we learnt the new ‘Andy’s Odd Socks’ song ‘Kids are united’. This years theme is ‘United against bullying’ giving us the opportunity to link the theme with our Christian values of respect and friendship to all people no matter what race, religion or colour.  During the week the children wrote class antibullying charters and Mr Jaeger shared information about keeping safe on line to prevent Cyberbullying.  On Friday all the classes shared a little of what they had been doing during our ‘Virtual’ star worship time. 

Here is a flavour of what each class focussed on:


Rec— Made friendship soup which contained all the ingredients of a good friend

Y1— Made ’hands of friendship’ and put all the keywords into word searches

Y2— Made story boards and turned them into comics of bullying stories

Y3— Created Antibullying poems and posters

Y4— Learnt the ‘Andy Odd Socks song’ - ‘United against bullying’ to perform in star worship and made movies about bullying

Y5— Created a lovely piece of art work in the form of a jigsaw puzzle to show the message ‘we are all united against bullying’

Y6— created an antibullying rap, which is so good I have published it below and see the video HERE (link)


Antibullying rap—By Year 6                                              


Lordsgate school accepts bullying—NEVER

Friendship sees you through the tricky weather

Your never alone, we stand together

Our school community strong forever


Bullying, Bullying No, No, No, No Bullying


Don’t be scred, don’t keep it all in

Trust someone to help your grin

Stand shoulder to shoulder in friendship and fun

Caring and respect can shine like the sun


Bullying, Bullying No, No, No, No Bullying


Lordsgate school accepts bullying—NEVER