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Antibullying Week

School Council Video and Assembly

The school council had been considering the forms that bullying can take and gave information to the children through presentations and stories.  They also wanted to show the antibullying message through role play and produced a fantastic antibullying video  related to cyberbullying and leaving children out.  You can see the video on line  on the school council page.


The school council also launched a competition to design a ‘Friendship Stop’ for the school where children will be  able to  seek additional  support from their peers on the playground.


Anti Bullying Charter

On Thursday Mrs Komurcu devised with the children an Antibullying Charter for Lordsgate School.  Everyone in the school signed the charter and it is now displayed prominently around the school.


Our Antibullying Charter


1. Everybody has the right to be treated with respect

2. If you are unhappy with how you are being treated TELL somebody

3. Be kind, caring and helpful

4. Uphold our Christian Values

5. If someone is treating you or someone else unfairly guide and help them to do the right thing



Every class completed work on the Antibullying  theme during the week.  Mr Jaeger, our eSafety leader, had devised a short lesson around the theme of cyberbullying for each class to complete.   Y5 also created cyberbullying posters to display in school.  Y6 tackled the issue through writing poetry. Everyone was particularly impressed with Abigail Evans poem ‘Punches’ :




I am designed to hurt

Programmed to intimidate

Designed to threaten

Progrmammed to create fear

Designed to slurp happiness from my targets

Programmed to make bones crunch

I am designed to hurt

But I can create more than fear

I could be programmed to shake hands

I could be designed for hugging

I could be programmed to respect

I could be designed to make peace

I can create more than fear


By Abigail Evans Y6