British Transport Police Assembly

On Thursday 22nd November Sergeant Gorsuch from the British Transport Police based in Southport came to school to run assemblies for Reception/KS1 and KS2. During the assemblies they taught the children the ‘Play Safe and Be safe’ message an the five Golden rules of railway safety these being:

· Never climb over or through a fence by the side of the railway tracks.

· Never climb on a bridge over the railway tracks.

· Never play with a ball or any other toy on a railway station platform.

· Never play with a kite or balloon near electric cables over the railway tracks.

· Never throw stones at a train or put anything on the railway tracks.


For the younger children Network Rail have produced a special Thomas the Tank Engine book called ‘Stay Safe with Thomas’ which can be downloaded at

To make the session fun and interactive they brought along some of their equipment and allowed some of the children to experience what it is like inside a police van! 

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