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Children's Mental Health Week 1- 7 Feb 2021

Express Yourself’ Theme—Children's Mental Health Week 2021.


In the first week of February Lordsgate took part in Children’s mental health week.  The theme of this years mental health week was 'Express Yourself' with the main idea being that finding healthy ways to express ourselves creatively is a good way of looking after our mental health.  In our on-line assemblies we learnt that we can find creative ways to share feelings through things like art, writing, music and dance and that doing things that make us feel good helps our mental health, especially when we face tough situations or difficult times. We found out that we are all different and will find different creative ways to express ourselves.  Children at home and at school were encouraged to try out some creative activities such as expressing their feelings through drawings or just taking time out to be creative and reflect on how it makes them feel.  Mr Hackett shared his love of being creative through photography and singing in the shower!  It was great to share how the children had expressed themselves through creativity at the end of the week in a special whole school star worship via zoom—our first since this lockdown period.  We shared the children’s work and listened to the story about Vashti who didn't think she was creative at all.  The story of ‘Dot’ showed us that  that there is a creative way for everyone to express themselves. It is just a case of having a go and making a start.  I truly hope children had an opportunity to take some down time over half term and took the time to do things they enjoyed as a way of supporting their mental health, especially at this difficult time for children and their families.