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Disability Awareness Day

Following the fantastic Divine Days workshops we had in school the Diversity Awareness theme continued with a visit from John McCorkell, who runs disability awareness days for schools, on Wednesday 10th February.  John provided the opportunity for children to experience first hand the real meaning of disability and to ask questions about disabilities.  He shared how he plays wheelchair basketball in the National League. Children learnt about the meaning of the term “disability.” covering physical disabilities; which may affect mobility and motor skills; sensory disabilities such as blindness or deafness and intellectual disabilities; such as learning disabilities and developmental delays. John set up a range of interactive games and activities to help  the children with these themes such as a wheelchair relay. He  shared how he uses his  arms instead of his legs to move around and how some people communicate using their hands instead of their voices. John gave the inspiring message that  “There is nothing that I can’t do that I want to do.” He gave us his Christian perspective that we are all perfect in God’s image, all unique,  with gifts to share and that the  world would be boring if everyone was the same! We hope that by having John into school children will reflect on the way that people with disabilities are seen and  treated. Before John left he demonstrated his basketball skills on the school playground.