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Global Learning Theme

At Lordsgate we promote global learning through the teaching of humanities and across the wider curriculum.  It is important that children learn about the wider world and we are helping children become more aware of the growing interdependence between countries and to explore, develop and express their own views about current global issues such as poverty, rights and justice.    Here at Lordsgate we want children to be truly ‘Global Citizens’.  Global citizenship nurtures our Christian value of respect for others, wherever they live.  It encourages our children to think deeply and critically about what is equitable and just, and what will minimise harm to God’s creation.  Exploring global citizenship helps children to grow more confident in standing up for their beliefs, and more skilled in evaluating the ethics and impact of their decisions. During March and Early April we had a whole school project on this subject with ‘Children’s Rights’ as its central theme.  The aim of the theme was for children to understand how even the most basic rights such as healthcare, food and equality of many children around the world are not being met.


We began by learning the difference between ‘Wants’ and ‘Needs’.  Following this each class looked at particular areas from the U.N.’s ‘Rights of the child’ including:


Reception—      The right to play and rest

Year 1—           The right to education

Year 2—           The right to healthcare and safe water to drink

Year 3 and Y4—The right to practise your own culture, language and religion

Year 5 and Y6—The right to special protection if you are a refugee.


To support these topics, and to learn about different cultures around the world, special events and workshops took place in school. We had a visit from Francisco Carrasco from Chile who shared information about Latin American culture and children took part in storytelling workshops.  Miso’shi from Ghana enthralled us all with music, art and dance from African culture.  She gave an excellent insight into modern and traditional African people and helped support the message that we are all amazing in God’s eyes no matter where we come from!  Mary from Malawi spent a lovely afternoon in Reception sharing stories and artefacts from her country.     We also had a visit from Joanna Marshall to continue learning about and developing the links St John’s church are forming with Uganda.  Y3 wrote letters for Joanna and the team to take to the children of Uganda in the summer. On Monday 25th April we also had a visit from Justus Miwanda, director of International Needs Uganda, who shared his inspiring life story and give us an update on the work we have been supporting. The fantastic ‘foods from around the world’ which our kitchen staff provided for the children during the focus week also gave the theme a very special feel.


To support the children’s work on the right to protection as a refugee, Anthony Finnerty from Global Link came to school with Bashar, a refugee from Syria living in Lancashire.  Bashar was able to give a real insight into the difficulties he and his family have faced as a result of the war in Syria.  We learnt about the plight of a refugee and the children were reminded that Jesus was himself a refugee as Mary and Joseph fled from the tyranny of King Herod.



As part of their discussions Year 1 thought about how we can take action to support children who need help around the world, they wrote letters to Save the Children and the ‘Malala Foundation’.  The children wanted to do something in school too and decided to sell sweets at the end of a day and send the money raised to ‘Save the Children’. 


Once again, during a thought provoking and challenging theme, the children of Lordsgate showed our values of respect, friendship to others and compassion superbly.  All our visitors said what caring and confident children we have!