Key Worker Childcare Provision 6 April to 17th April 2020

We will be opening over Easter as a limited emergency childcare facility for Easter provision of key worker children. Due to the low numbers of children involved, Burscough schools have considered joint working over this period and this may be the way on-site ‘education’ is run in the near future if this crisis continues. Currently this is the proposal for Easter opening:
Monday 6th April— Lordsgate Closed—Provision at St John’s Catholic Primary if required
Tuesday 7th April— Lordsgate Open
Wednesday 8th April—Lordsgate Closed—Provision at St John’s Catholic Primary if required
Thursday 9th April— Lordsgate Open
Fri 10th—Tue 14th— Lordsgate Closed—No local provision
Wednesday 15th April- Lordsgate Open
Thursday 16th April- Lordsgate Open
Friday 17th April- Lordsgate Open
If this creates any problems for childcare and you are a key worker, please email and and we can pick up your request and will endeavour to make alternative arrangements.

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