PGL Day 1

The journey to PGL was without incident and we arrived safely at 12 'o' clock.  After our picnic lunch we familiarised ourselves with the layout of PGL and had some time for a netball competition and a basket ball shoot out.  We then met our 'groupie' Lauren who showed us to the lodges.  After a quick orientation we played some more team games of 'Fishy, fishy, fishy', 'Splat' and 'Stomp'.  The children had a chance to go to the shop to stock up sweets and then we went to tea.  All of the children ate well with fish fingers and sausages on the menu - clean plates all round.  Evening activities included watching the England game (5 boys and Kym) or the Splash challenge game.  Hopefully the children will be tired after a busy first day  . .  . wishful thinking???  Tomorrow the outdoor adventurous activities begin.  All the children seem happy and settled.

  • Lordsgate Township Church of England Primary School

  • Lordsgate Drive, Burscough, Ormskirk, Lancashire, L40 7RS

  • Tel: 01704 892374