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World Faith Week and Prayer Spaces Event

Lordsgate’s World Faith Week 2022


Following the success of World Faith week in 2020 (COVID disrupted our plans for 2021!) we have again focused on world religions as part of our on-going intent to ensure children understand people of different faiths, cultures and backgrounds. During World Faith Week children had the opportunity to learn about the six world religions and hear about the experiences of people of different faiths.  During the week there were lots of activities put on by the staff and children which included:


  •  An assembly led by Neetal, a practising Hindu, who told us all about her faith and also led an extra question and answer session with Y5.
  •  A thought provoking worship by Reverend Banbury exploring the theme of light and the relationship between Christianity and other World Faiths.  You can view this worship here  World Faith Week - Collective Worship - YouTube
  •  Classes learnt about the different faiths through music, art , food and research.
  •  An assembly led by Amy Troner, who told us all about Judaism and then led extra sessions with Y4 and Y1.


On Tuesday 25th January the children took part in a prayer walk around stations in our school hall linked to world issues.  We were very impressed with the childrens reflective thoughts about people with less food and water, thinking about what we could change within our world and ensuring everyone, no matter what religion, race or gender, are treated with respect and dignity. What an amazing day we had and the children were exceptional. They were enthusiastic and really engaged within each prayer space showing respect throughout. A huge thank you to the children for their passion and for seeing life and our world from someone else's shoes. In addition thank you to the staff and especially the TA's who provided such thought provoking questions and reflections. Our thanks also goes to Miss Teague for organising and resourcing the event so well.  Pictures of the event are included below:


In Friday’s star worship each class shared a little of what they had been learning over the week.


Rec     —Islam—5 pillars of Islam, focussing on how Muslims pray they made their own prayer mats!

Year 1— Sikhism—looked at the Sikh’s holy book, festivals and places of worship.  Children made Rangoli patterns

Year 2 -  Buddhism—Learnt about Buddha and Buddhist festivals ,made lanterns to link to Wesak festival and Lotus . Children also had a go at meditation and burnt incense.

Year 3— Islam—Made model mosques and learnt about Muslim prayer and rituals

Year 4— Judaism— Learnt about the differerences between a church and a synagogue. Made Challah bread for the Festival of Shabbat

Year 5— Hinduism—learnt about traditional dress, made comic strip stories of the Hindu stories and learnt about Mandalas

Year 6— Denominations of Christianity.—Children looked at the differences between Catholics and protestants.  The history of the Church and the Catholic way of life including learning about the Pope and confession.


We really did have a great time and learnt a great deal.  What we also wanted to focus on this year were similarities of world religions not just differences and it was interesting to note that the children found that many of our values such as ‘loving one another’, being peaceful and caring were values shared by other world religions too.