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‘You make known to me the path of life’ Psalm 16:11

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On-Line Worship

Please take the time to look at our worships; past and present. We shall put the most recent worship video/power point on here too so you can re-watch at home or still be a part of our daily worships even if you find yourself at home. Enjoy!


Worship the Lord with gladness; come before him with joyful songs” Psalm 100:2



Final Week's Worship - 12th to 14th July Remote Worship Will be posted here.

Worship 13th July 2021 - Love

Worship 12th July 2021 - Values in Football

Worship UPDATE!!

We are back to school, doesn't it feel good!!

Good news- Monday and Tuesday worships are now live in school so you may not see as many Worships being uploaded on here.

We are so glad to be getting back to our live worships in school :) 

Thursday 25th March 

Please join us for our final reflection before the Easter holidays. May you have a wonderful Easter time.

Thursday 18th March 

Take some time out and join in with our reflection this Thursday!

Wednesday 17th March 

Please see below Wednesday's Church Worship delivered by St John's Church all about Easter! 

Thursday 11th March 

Please see Thursday's reflection below :) 

Wednesday 10th March 

Please join in with today’s praise worship. Enjoy singing and praising :) 

Praise Worship

Still image for this video

Links for the songs are below...


My God is so big and so strong and so mighty


Amazing Grace 


Forgive One Another 

Friday 5th March

We hope you can join us for our live Star Worship at 2.30pm today, all of the details were added onto your daily planner but if you can't join us then why not set up your own Star Worship at home. We are focusing on the Easter Story this week as we are in the season of lent. Here is how...we would love to see any pictures of you creating your own worship. Send them over to  


Thursday 4th March 

It is World Book Day today!

Take some time to complete this reflection below linked with World Book Day. 

Wednesday 3rd March 

Why don't you join in with today's Church Worship led by Tracey at St John's. 

Follow the link below to watch the video... 

Join in with the song King of Me by Rend Collective who also sang a song we know well My Lighthouse. 

Tuesday 2nd March 2021


Today we are going to listen to a bible story about a man called Zacchaeus.  We have been learning about forgiveness.  When you watch the story listen carefully for the mistakes that Zacchaeus had made in his life and how he becomes happy at the end of the story.

Think about these questions

Why did people not like Zacchaeus in the story?

What did Zacchaeus have to do to see Jesus as he entered the city?

What did Zacchaeus do to make up for all the wrong things he had done?


People might say that Zacchaeus had 'turned over a new leaf' in his life - what do you think this means?


Think about something you have needed to be forgiven for.

How have you 'turned over a new leaf' and changed your behaviour to show that you are really sorry?



Now say a short prayer to God saying what you might be sorry for and asking God to help you turn over a new leaf.




Our Song for today is a brand new worship video.  It is called 'You Forgive Me'.  You may want to watch it a couple of time to learn the words and the actions.  Notice the actions for 'Forgive' we learnt the sign language action for this yesterday.  Notice how its like turning a page or 'wiping a slate clean'.  I hope you enjoy it!



Monday 1st March 2021

Worship Video on Forgiveness for Monday 1st March 2021

Still image for this video
Today we hear two modern stories about forgiveness based on passages from the bible.

Friday 26th February 

We would love you to join in with our live worship on Friday. All of the zoom details are on your planners. If you are unable to join us then why not create your own star worship at home. Follow the sheet below to help you get it up and running :)

Thursday 25th February 

Take some time to reflect on our Christian Value for Spring 2, Forgiveness. Do you find it easy or hard to forgive other people?

Be somewhere quiet and reflect on these ideas today :) 

Wednesday 24th February 

Please join us for our Praise Worship today. Watch the video and then join in with the three songs which are linked below. 

Enjoy and remember to worship with gladness, smile whilst singing :)


We would love to see you joining in with our worship today so send us a picture, a video clip of you singing or a message, send these to where we can celebrate and share them with one another in Friday's Star Worship!

Praise Worship Introduction

Still image for this video

Peace like a river 


One more step along the world I go 


He's got the whole world in His hands 

Tuesday 23rd February

Worship Video for Tuesday 23rd February on Forgiveness

Still image for this video
Today we look at the simple story of The Angry Bee to see what not forgiving people can feel like.

Monday 22nd February

Worship Video for Monday 22nd February on Forgiveness

Still image for this video
Today we begin to think about our new Christian Value theme of Forgiveness. We will listen to and reflect on the Parable of the unforgiving servant.

Half Term Fun!

If you are looking for something to do over the half term holiday then look no further...

St John's Church have provided a booklet and videos titled 'Story Makers,' with many tasks and ideas to complete. 

Please see below the booklet with all of the video links enclosed. The videos will be made live each day and not before. 

Friday 12th February 

We are hoping you can join us for our live worship at 2.30pm today, all of the details have been placed onto your planners, but if you are unable to join us then why not try a Star Worship of your very own at home!

Thursday 11th February 

Please see below Thursday's reflection all about being polite and using our manners. I hope you get chance to take a look at this for 10 minutes.

Sit somewhere comfy and enjoy :) 

Wednesday 10th February

Today's worship is led by Reverend Banbury from St John's Church and is about our current Christian Value Friendship and Forgiveness.


Tuesday 9th February 2021

Today we have two worship items for you to watch on our Friendship Theme.  The first is an on-line worship by Andy at the Pace Trust.  He tells us how everyone is inter-dependent on one another and how being a good friend takes commitment and sacrifice, there is a short review of the bible story we started our friendship theme with in January.  The second is one of Mr Hackett's favourite short videos showing how a simple act of kindness or friendship can make a big difference to other people's day.


Monday 8th February 2021

Worship Video for Monday 8th February on Friendship

Still image for this video
Today we look at the parable of the Good Samaritan to teach us how we should love our neighbour

Today's worship song - We are Drops

Still image for this video
You could also sing 'When I needed a neighbour' - scroll down to 18th January 2021 for the song and words

Action for happiness calendar 'Friendly February'

Thursday 4th February 

Please see below Thursday's reflection. This reflection is dedicated to Captain Sir Tom Moore who sadly passed yesterday. We are thinking about remembering! It would be great if you could take 10 minutes away from the screen and home school learning to have a think and remember how this man helped changed the world for the better 

All of the resources you need are below, enjoy!



Express Yourself through song, dance and praise - Worship Wednesday 3rd February

Mr Hackett's Introduction Video

Still image for this video
We will be expressing ourselves by singing and dancing to our favourite worship songs.

Tuesday 2nd February - Children’s Mental Health Week virtual assembly with BAFTA Kids and Oak National Academy


Here is the link to today's assembly from Place2Be, BAFTA kids and Oak Academy

The assembly is 25 minutes long. For younger children, you may wish to pause and discuss the themes to break up the length. Here are some suggested discussion points and things to try at home or in class:


  1. 08:04: How do you like to express yourself creatively? How does it make you feel?
  2. 09:24: If you could design your own hat (or other item of clothing) to express yourself, what would it be like and why?
  3. 16:08: Why not have a go at your own Draw your Feelings activity? 
  4. 19:41: If you had magical powers, what spell would you cast for Children’s Mental Health Week?
  5. 23:44: Could you have a go at the BAFTA Young Presenter competition? 


Maybe children from Lordsgate can have a go at creating their own hat or 'drawing their feelings' - we can share any you have done on Friday.

Monday 1st February - Mr Hackett's Introduction to Children's Mental Health Week 2021

Still image for this video
This years theme is 'Express Yourself' today's assembly is an introduction to Mental Health Week at Lordsgate.

Friday 28th January 

Join in today's Star Worship at home, follow the sheet below to help you set up and run your star worship at home. 


Thursday 28th January 

Have a go at today's reflection. Take 10 minutes out of your day to reflect on our theme today :) 

Wednesday 27th January

Todays worship, for Wednesday 27th January, has kindly been provided by Chris Neilson the curate at St John's church.  It is on our theme of friendship and uses Ecclesiastes 4:12 'A cord of three strands is not easily broken'  suggesting that inviting God into your friendships enriches them. 


We hope you enjoy it and join in with the song we have posted too.

Tuesday 26th January 

Tuesday 26th January - Elizabeth Fry Worship linked to friendship

Monday 25th January 

Friendship Worship Monday 25th January

Still image for this video
Today's worship focuses on Jesus as a friend

Jesus Your My Superhero Song

Still image for this video

Friday 21st January 

Why not join us for Star Worship and have a go at setting your own up, please see the document below of how you can do that at home this morning. 

You can use this trinity video too if you need to. 

Trinity Candle Lighting.MOV

Still image for this video

Thursday 21st January 

Below you will find Thursday's reflection all about Being Together. Enjoy your letter writing :) 

Wednesday 20th January 

Please join in with our first Praise Worship of 2021! The links to the songs we will be singing are below.

Thank you!

Praise Worship 20th January

Still image for this video

The links may need to be copied and inserted into the URL bar :)

Song 1- When I needed a Neighbour  

Song 2- My Lighthouse 

Song 3- Count on me 

Tuesday 19th January 

Worship for 19th January - Clap for Heroes


Here is a worship idea from our friends at 'Picture News' you may want to use during the day as a starter to, or a break from, 'Home Learning'.  

It links with our theme of friendship - supporting others and thanking them for their help.  

Read the 'Think about why we clap for people' sheet to start thinking about the topic.  Then read together the 'Clap for Heroes' information sheet.  There is then a response sheet to think about who helps us and how we can help or thank them in return.  You might want to end by making up a prayer based on what you have discussed.

Monday 18th January 

Friendship Worship 18th Jan web.mp4

Still image for this video

When I needed a Neigbour Hymn.mp4

Still image for this video
Hymn for Worship 18th January 2021

Friday 15th January 

Star Worship- have a go at delivering your own star worship at home, you can find out how by following this document below.

Thursday 14th January 


Please find below Thursday's reflection on Friendship for today's worship. It would be great to take 10 minutes out to think about these questions and thoughts. 


Wednesday 13th January 


Please see our worship from Tracey at St John's church. We hope you have bee able to listen and engage with what she had to say today.

You could also join in singing today's song Jesus you are my superhero 

Enjoy 🙂 

Monday 11th January 

Friendship Worship 11th January 2021

Still image for this video
This is the first worship of Lockdown 2021 about the Christian Value of this term: Friendship.
Wednesday 16th December 
Tuesday 15th December 
Monday 14th December 2020

Praise Converted.mp4

Still image for this video
Monday 19th October:
Tuesday 20th October:
Wednesday 13th October:

Praise Worship Converted.mp4

Still image for this video
Tuesday 12th October:
Monday 11th October:
Monday 5th October:
Tuesday 6th October:
Wednesday 7th October:

Below you will find Miss Teague's worship linked to St John's Harvest Appeal. Please help in any way you can What is it you will be sponsored for?


Miss Teague's Worship.MP4

Still image for this video

Hospital Appeal Video by St John's: 

Wednesday 30th September 2020:


Join in with worship today from church, the link is below. We welcome and introduce Chris Neilsen, the new curate at St John's Church. We are focussing on faith this half term. 


Also St John's have recently hosted a Praise Party, if you missed this then you can re-watch following the link below. 

Tuesday 29th September 2020:


Enjoy today's worship led by Mrs Donohue, continuing with the same theme as yesterday. Faith in a team.

Monday 28th September 2020:


Here is Mr Hackett's Monday worship. We hope this inspires you to have faith when you play your part within a team. 

Worships from Lockdown:

Monday 13th July - Year 6 Worship

Still image for this video

Monday 6th July - Mr Plowman's worship about Love

Still image for this video

Monday 29th June - Mrs Evans' worship about love

Still image for this video

Monday 22nd June - Mr Plowman's worship about Peace

Still image for this video

Monday 15th June - Miss Teague's introduction to Peace worship

Still image for this video

Monday 8th June - Mr Hackett's worship on worrying and finding peace

Still image for this video

Monday 1st June - Mrs Evan's 'Hope' worship

Still image for this video

Monday 18th May - Mr Plowman's 'Being Thankful' worship

Still image for this video
This worship helps us to think about being thankful and grateful to those around us.

Monday 11th May - Miss Teague's VE Day Worship

Still image for this video

Monday 4th May - Mr Hackett's Making a Difference Worship

Still image for this video
This worship focuses on using our Christian values, making a difference and being positive during lockdown.