The school has adopted the Liverpool Diocesan Board of Education Syllabus for RE. Christianity plays a central role, although appropriate teaching about other faiths and world views is included. We also use the school Christian Values to support RE teaching.


Our school works very closely with St John's Church and both are benefitting from the good relationship. Collective worship takes place during daily assemblies. Teachers and children regularly take part and sometimes even lead the worship. 


The children are encouraged to help the wider community and to support charities, for example by donating Harvest Festival gifts. Children are not just asked to join in listening to prayer, but to understand the power and role of prayer, and when possible, to write and create their own prayers. An exciting recent development was the introduction of a “reflection corner” in each classroom – a place where the children can spend a few minutes thinking and talking to God.


Through the Christian Values we hope to aid the children’s understanding of the world in which we live, their part in making our world a more peaceful and tolerant place, and for those who desire it, the opportunity to explore and develop their spirituality. All this within a school environment founded on strong Christian principles and values.

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