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‘You make known to me the path of life’ Psalm 16:11

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At Lordsgate, our aim is to make children into independent, confident and successful learners within the context of a broad and balanced curriculum. To ensure we meet this aim we develop children in three key areas; quality of education, behaviours and attitudes and personal development.


Staff and members of our community use the KIDS acronym to remember and refer to these three areas. This stands for 'KNOWLEDGE, INDEPENDENCE and DIVERSE SOCIETY.


The intent of the Art and Design curriculum at Lordsgate Township CE Primary School is to develop children’s artistic skill- whether that is through the sheer enjoyment of creating something that has been designed and made or developing and practicing techniques, we want the children to enjoy taking part in art lessons. Through the teaching of a range of skills and using a range of tools to enable these skills, we look to produce children who are able to create a piece of art work that represents either themselves, a theme, idea or re-creation of another artist. We hope the children confidently articulate this theme or idea when analysing their own, each other’s or an artist’s piece of work.


Through Art and Design, we intend for pupils to have a growing understanding of their own capabilities whilst wanting to develop, grow and be determined to think outside of the box, being resilient in creating something new, that may not occur first time round. We aim to demonstrate to pupils that they can improve their technique and skills through hard work, patience and practise. The children will also learn that they can help others to improve their artistic ability and understanding by supporting and giving constructive feedback to help develop the piece of art work further, using a range of pictures and inspiration to enable this. We encourage children to appreciate the skills and abilities of themselves and everybody else and understand that everyone has their own talents and attributes.  Our pupils will be taught to respect what others have produced and in return they will expect the same.


Art at Lordsgate


We teach art through a thematic approach using topics. Each class explores a range of artistic skills such as; sketching, painting, 3D models and evaluating artists work and their own pieces, as well as creating and displaying a skills book of practiced skills.

The children create a range of pieces linked to the topic that half term for example during Penguins, Possums and Pigs, the children create sketches of penguins using different materials; pencil, biro, chalk and charcoal. They also design and draw icicles from a range of lines and shades.

Each year the skills develop as the children move along their journey into different year groups- they also consolidate and practice previous skills to ensure they progress through their art work. Please see below an overview of what art looks like through school for this academic year.

We really hope the children enjoy their art leaning at Lordsgate. If the children complete anything art based at home, linked to their learning in school, we would love to see it.


Below is our art policy and some pictures of examples of our art work in school.


The Art Leader is: 




Art Overview:

Skills Progression Document:

The Skills and Knowledge Progression document shows the progression of skills taught at Lordsgate from Reception to Y6 in the core strands of Art: Materials, Techniques, Exploring and Developing to attain mastery of art and design techniques, Drawing and Sketching, Painting, 3D Sculpture and Artists, Culture, Desingers/Designing, Society.


Policy Information:

As you can see in the above picture, our art gallery has a range of examples of art work across all year groups, focusing on a variety of different skills. You can see some pattern work, creating their own butterfly. Some 3D art work using straws to create a funny bones character and some self portraits, looking in the mirror and then sketching themselves. Super examples of great art work that happens here at Lordsgate, well done children! 

Art Examples