Our Lordsgate Art Gallery is....OPEN!


Please come and look at all of the fabulous work our children have been doing in art this Autumn Term. They are developing skills, looking at artists work and evaluating their own pieces. 

We are really proud of the art work we have been doing so please come in and have a look at it. 

Art at Lordsgate


We teach art through our thematic curriculum. Each class will cover a range of artistic skills such as; sketching, painting, 3D models and evaluating artists work and their own pieces. 


The children create a range of pieces linked to the topic that half term for example during Penguins, Possums and Pigs, the children create sketches of penguins using different materials; pencil, biro, chalk and charcoal. They also design and draw icicles from a range of lines and shades.


Each year the skills develop as the children get older- they also consolidate and practice previous skills to ensure they progress through their art work.


We really hope the children enjoy their art leaning at Lordsgate. If the children complete anything art based at home, linked to their learning in school, we would love to see it.


Below is our art policy and some pictures of examples of our art work in school.




Art Examples

Websites to Explore...

Take the time to explore art further using these great sites.

The Tate gallery has an extensive collection of art activities for children to take part in. From painting classical pictures, to spray painting graffiti this website has it all!

This interesting site is a tool to explore pattern with.

The American National Gallery of Art has a collection of art programs you can download and use whenever, these range from creating still life pictures, to collages.

Picasso Head allows you to make your own pictures in the style of Picasso and look through other peoples creations too!


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