Design Technology

Design and Technology at Lordsgate


We teach DT through a thematic curriculum. Each class have a half termly topic which incorporates some foundation subjects including DT. Children get the opportunity to design and make a product which has a purpose for a specific user. Sometimes the children will bring the product home and sometimes the product is used within school. 


Food is also part of DT learning and throughout their primary education, children will get the chance to make a dish, trying it and improving the taste of it through the ingredients used in it.


DT learning includes textiles, food, mechanical systems, electrical systems and computer aided design. 


See the pictures of our DT learning in school below, as well as the DT policy we follow in school. 

DT Learning

Websites to Explore...

The Children's University of Manchester has a fantastic introduction into what textiles are and where they come from. This page will guide you through the world of textiles with quizzes and games for you to try out!


Although this activities video and application may seem dated Stanford University's resources relating to how things are made are extensive and educational. This resource is aimed towards older children, but younger children may find the videos interesting.


Learning4kids has a wonderful selection of crafts you can complete at home, for children of any age. These activities focus more on learning through doing, rather than reading or watching.

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