Lordsgate Curriculum Intent Statement


The aim is to make children into independent, confident and successful learners within the context of broad and balanced curriculum.


Our curriculum:


  • Is fun, relevant, exciting and enjoyable and meets the needs of all the children, inspiring high achievement.

  • Gives children the responsibility to choose and initiate learning that follows their interests, skills and talents and develops creativity.

  • Provides children with opportunities to apply the basic skills of learning new vocabulary, reading fluently, writing, understanding mathematics and speaking with confidence to others.

  • Teaches children ‘how to learn’ by evaluating their work, taking risks knowing that mistakes are part of the learning process and developing a positive mindset toward their studies.

  • Includes quality opportunities for children to develop an understanding of themselves through personal, social, moral and spiritual experiences. We will promote activities that develop a sense of curiosity and wellbeing. This will include keeping active, taking notice of the world around them and connecting and giving to others therefore ensuring children are well prepared for life in modern Britain.

  • Supports children to use new technologies effectively and safely to be digitally literate and critical evaluators of information.

  • Provides an awareness of the wider world, of different religions, cultures and societies and how they fit into them.

  • Include enrichment activities such as trips, visits and learning in the outdoors to provide children with memorable learning experiences.

  • Lordsgate Township Church of England Primary School

  • Lordsgate Drive, Burscough, Ormskirk, Lancashire, L40 7RS

  • Tel: 01704 892374