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Lordsgate Passport

At Lordsgate, we work hard to provide opportunities to complete our Lordsgate Passport activities. These are activities that we fell enrich and enhance our curriculum. Below, you will see the activities that we aim to experience during Year 5 and 6.

October 2020 - 'write a story for the Reception children' - Year 5 rewrote parables from the Bible into a cartoon strip to share with younger children.

November 2020 - 'work alongside a real author' - Year 5 joined in a webinar led by the author Jamie Littler.

December 2020 - 'take part in a debate' - Year 5 learned about how the Ancient Greeks developed the art of debate. We then set up a debate chamber in the classroom and held debates about the Trojan Horse and the battles between Athens and Sparta.

April 2021 - 'complete cycling proficiency' - Year 5 spent 3 days completing their cycling proficiency and finding out how to be safe when riding their bikes.