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Lordsgate opens a journey to God’s Love and Learning

‘You make known to me the path of life’ Psalm 16:11

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Our Faith in Reception

The children are able to access our prayer and reflection area at any point during the school day. This area is quiet with books and prayers in for them to look at if they wish to do so or they can just sit and be. We deliver class worship in our reflection area and we enjoy taking part in whole school worships. We are exploring our Christian value of love.

'Love one another as I have loved you.' 

John 13: 34-35

Harvest 2023


We have been learning all about Harvest time and being thankful to God for the fruit and vegetables he provides. We discussed which fruits and vegetables grow above the ground and which grow under the ground. The children sorted photographs on where they grew. We took part in the the 'Harvest of Love' church service at St Johns Church. The children said what they were thankful for and sang a Harvest song.




We have been learning about the Hindu celebration of Diwali. The children made Happy Diwali cards,  Mendi patterns on hand templates and Rangoli patterns. The children worked together to make a large Rangoli pattern using objects from around the classroom. We enjoyed making and eating coconut barfi.



We have been learning about the Jewish Festival of Hanukkah. We used playdough to make a menorah using the matchsticks to represent the eight candles. We made a huge Menorah using the outdoor equipment. We enjoyed playing the dreidel game and winning gold coins. 

'Our First Nativity' 2023


As part of our Christmas celebrations and learning about the birth of Jesus the children all took part in our class Nativity for the school and our grown ups.

World Faith Week

Reception enjoyed learning about Islam as part of our World Faith focus in school.  We learnt lots about this faith and how people who follow this faith are called Muslims and they pray to one God, who in Arabic is known as Allah.  We learnt about the five pillars which are the core beliefs and practices of Islam.


We also looked at how Muslims pray and how they use a prayer mat to pray to their God at different times in the day and how we as Christians know that we can pray to God whenever and wherever we are as he is always listening to us.

The Nativity


Reception enjoyed retelling the story of the birth of Jesus.  Each child had an important role, to tell the story as told from the bible.

Harvest 2021


Reception explored fruits from Africa as part of Harvest.  The children sang prayers to God to thank him for the fruits at Harvest time.  Africa is linked to the Reception Curriculum Passport.